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Is your Website Rank First on Google ? Simple Methods for placing your website on higher page rank within few weeks?

  • Solving problem With Original Website Content:

You just have to keep in mind that Google’s complete idea is to provide customers with useful and relevant search results. Everything they perform is to build around the premise, so as your website; Many Website Development Company in India are opted to this and included as the main part of website development.

website development company in india

Being practical the most important thing you can do is the SEO of your website to improve its page ranking and even try to build up wide & massively useful content for your site that helps solving people’s need. Website Development Company in India will provide such a compability to your website that it will be  solving and giving solutions to the problems of the people they desire off, then eventually your online reputation will be increased and it will be a easy task for Google to place your website higher page rank.Kepping in mind the  Website Development Companies in India are willing to develop a site which gives you maximum output, as that directly turned out in a sure profit.

The word original Content here means that , its more then just a article or any information.


  • Photography / Images :

People takes it very lightly that it’s just a  image that we are going to place on a website , but they forget how deep impact it creates to your website for listing among top. Therefore, the best Website Development Company in india are very much aware about the importance of Pictures to be placed on your websites. The pictures for different text should be used according to the requirement and using image alt text and even the tags for the images can help you in gaining higher page rank, this how it works. Many web development country in india doesn’t give emphasis on this, eventually they faces a low page ranking.


  • Videos
    Videos are somehow the best source of increasing traffic to your website and many highly popular website know the importance of using videos as the main tool for generating leads. To make utilise of the video bny engagement of the user Website Development Company in India are using its a best way to be engage with people via videos. Making tutorial and presenting them to the user can be the which will increase user engagement , placing your videos on popular channels, helps lot in traffic increment which directly reflects to your page ranking.


  • Usage of Tools & Plugin
    If you are looking to achieve higher page rank and missing the tools & plugins to be used then you are wasting your time, better me smart enough to utilised all the tools & plugins which would be very helpful generating traffic & user engagement to your website.Higher Page Rank can be ruined if you don’t know the proper usage of tools, though many Website Development Company in India are known to this tools and using it with a care.


  • Building a relevant backlinks to your website:

If you are planning to start SEO on your page , that time you would be known to little backlinks, as you keep your SEO going you have build up more backlinks related to your niche, for this you have to find out the submission links which is relevant to your site. Website Development Company in India should keep in mind before being practical.

Points to keep in mind :

  1. Never try to purchase backlinks
  2. Sources from which you are generating links matters
  3. Anchor text is very important


  • Your theme should be SEO optimized :

SEO contains only two main components:         website development company in india

  1. ON- PAGE
  2. OFF- PAGE


ON- Page includes the stuff like optimizing your theme

OFF-Page include the stuff like submissions


One of the main reason of optimizing your theme is clearly gives indications to Google that we are trustworthy site. Some of things , we should keep in mind while performing this, Website Development Company in India are using it effectively:

  • Responsive to Mobile:
    If your website is not responsive to mobile then you are having a wide chances of loosing many users, as google provides users a easy search for the smartphones.
  • Should be Fast Loading:

A fast loading site makes a deep & good experience to the user as well as the Google. Make sure your that theme uploads quickly with a minimal loading time. Even you can out the speed of your theme and if you find it’s not up to the mark, you can use plugin as well.

  • No broken Links
    Make sure that the website development company in india develop your website which does not contain any broken links as this will degrade your optimization performance.


  • Check out & fix permalinks

Permalinks structure is the one that how people locating your post, pages, blogs etc , The Internal links up with your posts & pages, the are build up of root & extension


         ROOT – scriptechweb.com/

         EXTENSION- scriptechweb.com/blog/



This is the one the best services that google provides which allows you to see your posts , blogs from their point of view, you may check out the position, how many clicks have been generated as even you can prepare a report and according to that you can improve on that.

website development company in india


Many website development company in india are using this tool and it is very important  as it gives you the complete information about your website and what other aspects you need to work on, and even it gives an idea that how Google is treating to your blog, posts, etc.

  • Use SEO plugins

One of the most easy and convenient way of optimization is by using SEO plugin. Which clearly gives you the indication needed to to follow that direction.

It is recommended as of the best method of doing SEO, even plugins helps in generating text, meta description , title etc. Which will give you a clear idea of optimization.


Use Moz , Read and Study :

website development company in india

As website development company in india, Moz is concerned to be the best resources for SEO related materials in the world. Read out your content , study about the topic and plan a SEO according to that.

















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