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What are the Major Google Ranking Signals in 2017?

What does the top Google position require? We will you the ingredients which will make the difference by Website Developer to your site…

It’s not hidden to anyone that Google’s Ranking Algorithm consists over 200 components/signals. Whereas the list is very impressive, it can even hurt, if you are just normal human in 24 hours in a day.

Fortunately, SEO is all about getting your priority fixed but it can’t  fix all the small things into the website. Below we are giving the essential things to maintain a high ranking, in fact by comparing it with all the industry-based sectors site and the major ranked achieved website.

Here is the point which you should be applied to your site by Website Developer:


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One general question come across it is, How Google runs the concept of ‘Backline’ into a reasonable ranking signal? In many patents you will get the answer, it all depends upon the backlink score. The every incoming link individual quality score i.e page rank by this score is made and even by a number of links to the site.

The important part of the score is link quality. However, you have to keep one thing in mind that you can’t afford to have spammy links or even low-quality link in 2017.Google also noting that the domain which is generating the same link carrying little weight. By doing this you won’t get anything but only the single count of the link. So, one link is associated with one domain. Don’t try to generate more. Now your main factor is generating links by many different domains you can, this will directly improve your backlinks.

While we are known by the fact that PageRank is still one of the key factors by Google Algorithm, moreover public version of this not available. But we are fortunate enough to have many alternatives which are based on PageRank original formula such as SEO power suite included into Inline Rank.

website developer


Anchor text is a part of backlinks only, it’s a concept which matters for ranking. It’s the same as the content on your pages, your Anchor backlinks tell Google what is your page is about and also tells what it should rank for? Off course we should not forget about the Google Penguin which keeps your anchor text natural and diverse, its all about hitting the right balance. Website Developer should follow this point accurately keeping in mind.



Content, all right I must tell you in simple language.


But still, one question must be wondering into your mind that what exactly Google is looking into content? What is the major element to input into our content while designing a site by Website Developer? Don’t worry there are few major elements which you should apply while writing a content.

Here is the list:



website developer

You still remain into the credential of strongest relevance signal to Google if your keyword consistency is good. Using keywords and its variation into title tag, meta tag etc is a necessity in 2017. Meta description of your content can also boost up traffic if it is optimized properly with keywords, although it carries less weight. Even don’t forget to use keyword into H1 header as it carries the title and good enough for boost relevance, even mention keywords into the body part of the content. It is very necessary to maintain at least 2.5% keyword density. This proper usage of keyword helps you in heaps to jump upon higher page rank.




One of our major prospective is to maintain a number of words into content for proper ranking, Google keeps checking the amount of content into the single page of your by Website Developer. Simply Google says that amount of page content is important for overall quality. You should keep in mind that amount of content for your site put on by website developer which is necessary for page according to the topic/purpose of the page should be near to limited extent.  For some live examples, look at the higher page ranks on Google, you will know about the amount of content used as well as the keyword consistency.


There’s a Google algorithm named as ‘HUMMINGBIRD’ under this algorithm  RankBrain was launched during 2015 and according to Google it is included into every query, one of the major function of RankBrain is analyzing results of good users who are stratified with their ranking, and also identifying the common features among them.

Mainly because most of the online content is text such features also incudes terms & phrases used on the page. For example, if you search “best website developer in Rajasthan ?” its logical comprehensive it will display according to a city like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur etc. But obviously, it’s not always.


Some technical methods are very essential for SEO, keep this point in mind:

website developer


Google takes less than 2 seconds to load the page, even Google has confirmed its ranking signal. Speed has its direct impact on UX. Slower pages directly increase the bounce and lower the conversion rates. Web Development by website developer with heavy loaded content else wrong usage of theme should be ignored




Your development of the site by website developer should be responsive to the Mobile, Tablets etc. If your website is not optimized to Mobile, then they won’t rank in mobile search, this will degrade your ranking. With all the search from Mobile Google will directly affect your website ranking. Website Developer should be familiar with all devices running presently into the market, because your website will be seen mostly on this devices.








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