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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO Serices in India )

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a process of creating an increased traffic for your website/blog through SERP’s result optimization and using effective keywords and phrases.
Our online SEO team works professionally in order to create an increased viewership of your blog through a categorical development of the same. Content writing is something we excel at and thus are aware of the basics of how to make your website work.
Scriptechweb provides specialized SEO Services in India and a high organic platform to enable your content to reach the maximum people around the globe and stand out from the other low-quality bulk work scattered over the web.

Increase Traffic On your Website through the best SEO Services in India

We enable an active participation of your content through our avid choice of keywords and SEO content. The following stats will help you gather a zest of the importance of SEO services in India in terms of traffic building.

The ‘Cody’ Stats’


Of all people who performed a local search ended up frequenting a store.


Conversion rates are higher than they are from social on desktops.


Users are satisfied with results on first page & only 7% user visit second page.

The ‘Cody’ Box of SEO

We provide a wide range of SEO services in India to optimise your web portal in the best possible way. the following points tabulates the reasons you should go with Scriptechweb.

  • Perfect and precise analysis of website
  • Creation and development of business-specific back link strategies
  • Customized back link strategies
  • Relevant links along with proper link velocity
  • Highly functional links capable of delivering results

The ‘Cody’ Way of Optimisation

Scriptechweb is dedicated towards creating a website and online portal for you that is not only effective but also user-friendly and catchy. Our process of SEO services in India combines two spheres of On-Page and Off-page marketing.

On Page

Keyword Research & Analysis

We provide a perfect research to gather keywords best suited for your website providing it a perfect reach.

Writing SEO Optimized Content

Creating content that search engine optimised building a user base that converts into customers at a rapid transitional rate.

Website Optimization & Planning

Creating a website that is well planned and user friendly in its approach and look providing the best experience to onlookers.

HTML Sitemap Generation

Generating HTML and XML site maps to bring the best product online and hence increasing the credibility of your website.

Meta Tag, Title Tag & H1/H2 Tag Creation

Seo content rich in Meta Tag along with H1/H2 tags help in creating a website that is listed more and is easily accessible to readership.

Competitive Analysis

We provide you with a proper calculative analysis in order to create competitive strategies for your content and website.

Off Page

XML Sitemap Generating

will Create sitemap and url structure of website for crawling. And help website pages to make it more visible on Google.

Page Indexing & Crawling Report

Crawl errors defer the reach of your content and hence we work in the way of creating an indexed and checked report of your website.

Google Analytics

Your advertising ROI , track your site, page credibility and reach. Google Analytics help you improve your business.

Link Building

Scriptechweb helps you in the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website.

Directory & Articles Submission

We help you in creating a perfect directory and article submission system and hence creating a great flow of content.

Social Bookmarking & Photo Sharing

Helps you in getting a valuable space in the social sphere promoting your website through trends and other social media activities.

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