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How Can You Make Your Website More Effective?

There is a lot of whispering out there for a Responsive Website, Responsive Web Design etc. but we are fortunate that there is the availability of data’s to help us all cut through that noise and get noticed. We will give you some shocking data, there are many websites and millions of pages are published into the voids of the internet and they are all competing for your audience attention. Don’t be scared, we are there to help you out that what can be the effective methods to be applied on your responsive website which can increase your audiences target.

Read Out the Following Point:

  1. Stop Giving Visitor Decision Fatigue:

resposive website

Have you been to one of that ice cream parlour that has 120 flavors?

They’ve got peanut butter pickle flavors, cayenne etc. Yet, despite all of these choices, you can’t make up your mind.

The idea of having many choices in general practice it tends to paralyze us- which extent will choose to just not act, this phenomenon is called decision fatigue, and we are discussing this because there are chances which are triggered to be decision fatigue for many visitors without even knowing it.

Let’s say you are having five things in your Responsive Website Menu. You might be having links to your following pages:

  • About Us
  • Services/Product
  • Contact us/ Join us
  • Blog
  • Resources Page

Moreover, you have a search function on your Responsive Website so that your visitors can look what they are looking for, that is for the Menu. Maybe you spent a lot of money & time to set up your homepage.

But there is a bad news for you…

Every single image, link, a phrase of content, and elements on the page of your website is a call to action function.

Until and unless each and every CTA (CALL TO ACTION) you have the fold on your responsive website is contributing to your main goal- hopefully to build your email listing. There are chances of distracting your visitors from the main goal and that it results into detracting the visitor from that main goal.Even the Responsive Website will not able to hold interest of visitors to your site.

When user land to your web pages, User should know exactly what they are looking for and what they want to achieve on your web page. Keep this point in mind that user should not be distracted to your sites, provide such an easy user interface that it directly attracts the user. That’s the reason website owner demands responsive website just to make the life of visitor Glib.


Capturing the targeted Audiences Attention:

59 Seconds ….

This is how long you have to capture the attention of your user, targeted audience and then engage with them that how long your business exists. Most of the people don’t even take a second to assess whether your site is useful to their need or not. So, you need to make sure that your are having  a responsive website so that visitor should be known to your website and what is the usage of it as they land on your homepage.

Few things you can find out:

Test for Five-Seconds: Anybody, who doesn’t know what you do to navigate to your homepage, and ask them for a description of about your responsive website after spending just five seconds on your page. If they are failed to do so, you need to be clearer.

Use a Testing Service of Free User: If you are very much clear with an objective of the third party to review your site for free, this is possible and makes it happen. There are few user testing services where the user will go to your site and mark the impression.

If it turns out to be ambiguous then you apply few things to communicate with the user:

  • Use Tagline
  • Replace Generic Language
  • Replace your Image



2.Prove that your site is Worthy Paying Attention:

responsive website

This point clearly says that your website should be that effective and should be responsive website where user doesn’t distract to any other option, seeking attention from the user should be the main motive, people should be more attracted towards your quality of your content and responsive website design nature of your site which directly increases user engagement to the site. More attractive content/data will directly enforce the user to visit your website, again and again, the landing page should be that representative which describes your whole service and force the user to sign up immediately. People, generally search for an easy interface where they look for a particular need. So, keep this point in mind your design website in such a way that it is resposive website, where people will interact more and gradually increases your engagement and helps you to convert them into leads.


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