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What factors influence for a website to be responsive?

responsive web design

If we consider the perspective of people of India today, then the need and benefits of having a responsive web design are numerous. Who would not want their website to be the best among the rest or the most visited website? But, if your web design can’t adapt to the size and screen of your customer’s screen then how do you think people are going to visit again? This is the era where using of mobile phones is on peak and everything is available on that small box within a fraction of clicks. So, it is very important to have a website who can adjust its pages automatically according to the screen of mobile, laptop or a PC from which the customer is operating. Thus, the view of website changes when the gadget of visiting that website changes. For example if you visit the same website from a PC then there would be more information available in different columns while if you visit it from your mobile then the website would provide all the information in a single column. There are various benefits of having a responsive web design :-

1. Increase in visits via phone- It is an amazing fact to know that two third of population of India has switched to mobile phones and are using them efficiently. But, another interesting fact is that the screen size of each mobile or tablet is different from the other further, it is not necessary that if once your customer visited your website via PC then he would visit from PC only he can visit again via phone or tablet. So, if you have a responsive website and can adapt to different modes and screen then, the customer would find it convenient to visit again.

2. Don’t indulge into unnecessary complications- While getting your responsive website designed you will be provided with two options; one where you can go for a single website that can be operated from every device or you can get two websites developed one that can be operated from laptops and PCs while the another one would be operated only from mobile phones. If you go for the second option then you must ensure that you are ready to double the work load and burden that you already possess because to keep both the sites updated with same content and facilities is very difficult. Above that the features that the ‘mobile-only’ websites avail are just one fifth of what the original websites so, if a person wants to get the same feature he is getting while operating via PC on phone he would get irritated and probably never visit again. So, keep the process simple and free from unnecessary complications!

3. You might get rewarded by Google- It is quite obvious that if there is increase of mobile usage then people would prefer a handy access that is via phone rather than a PC or a laptop. So, if a website is mobile friendly, it will get maximum visits along with maximum user satisfaction. Google always recommends that to increase the ranking a website should increase the amount of customer satisfaction it is providing.

Thus having a responsive web design comes with so many advantages to not just the website alone but your business too. So, it is always recommended to have a web design that can easily adapt to the screen of consumer so that they can be satisfied with what they see!


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