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Done with your Website, Still not able to Convert Leads? Know How can you Build a High Converting Website?


So, let’s start talking to the topic which is generally being faced by many Responsive Design /websites owner. We will discuss that can your Responsive Design website be Lead/Customer Converting Machine. The Main problem arises with most number of Responsive Design websites is that they are built on a motive of Graphic Design masterpiece which shows your designer skills or even hastily all in together with a idea of starting your business in very less time, showing rush into everything.

So, the idea of converting customers from ‘ME’ to ‘OMG’, you need to follow the following points:

  1. Foundation of Great Website:

responsive design



Every Start-up needs a Great Foundation, same goes in the case of Website Development. Similarly, if your building a house with quicksand you don’t need a point paint to put on it, this happens same in the case of website development. It should be a Responsive Design.

It is useless to waste money on your website, if a customer visit to your site and leave in a seconds and users are unsatisfied. Just think why they would pay at your site? If they don’t found anything Attractive? Something Meaningful to your Website? It would be wastage of time & money, if you are not able to satisfy your customers visiting on your site and your site does not have a responsive design. So, here are some ideal points which should place in order before developing a website:


Attractive Responsive Design-

If you are very professional about your business & wants to generate more business through your website then you should keep your feet on the toe according to the current market scenario. You need to present very professional face to the internet and be dedicated & serious about your business services, because online business depends on customer reviews as well. ‘The best you serve, The more you generate business’ Now looking that way, you need a very Attractive Responsive Design to your website, whether from logo to the interface customer’s should be that much interested that they don’t leave your site and enforced them to buy something. If you own a brick & mortar business, you won’t let novice paint your store’s front. It’s important to make sure that it is done right. Similarly, your website needs a professional designed, coat of paint too.

Everything is about first impression, you won’t get a second chance. So, make sure your impression should be great. 94% impressions are count on a Responsive Design related. Try to make sure that it is up to scratch!


Website Speed Should Be Fast:

responsive design

Like a well-oiled machine in the vehicles, your website should run fast without any hiccups. Although it may not seem that important for people and they generally ignore this, but trust me this could be the reason why customers are leaving your website? Just think, if you are visiting a website and it takes time to load, then what would you do? Definitely you will close it and open some other site. So, directly it says that customer was visiting your site but found it difficult to load then went on to open other website and now that particular customer becomes regular buyer of that site. So, it’s a loss to your business. Don’t ignore it, it creates huge impact on customers visiting to your website. Responsive Design is very much necessary for engagement.

Some Example of Good Website Maintenance followed:

  • Make sure , software is up to date
  • Keep running your website fast, it will increase customers ratio
  • Make it secured, which keeps hackers away


  1. Make the Important Thing to your site Easy to Find:

Here, the major role of sidebar & footer comes into play. Customer will not waste much time in finding the targeted link. So, make sure to include important things to your site in a easy way. Customer can reach to the links menus from sidebar/footer directly. Overall, customer should found everything easy to find and explore and this keeps user to interested into your website and which is easy way to convert lead.

  1. Make Sure to Drive Visitors Towards Your Goals:

responsive design

Understanding the need of people and your Responsive Design Website is there to get people to fulfil your main business goals and it is the key for business to get online success.

Definitely, your website should look attractive & runs smoothly but what about needs of the people? How you will convert? For this your main focus would be driving user to your main goal that is converting & generating business.  Layered on top of that something,which I’ll call as conversion-focused responsive design. Sounds very complexed, but actually it’s not that hard. Keep the following points into mind:

  • Make visitors to sign up to your email list (business, blogs etc.)
  • Offer them Free Trail for sign up
  • Asking visitors to fill out contact form

By, doing this you can drive user to your business goal. The easiest way is CALL TO ACTION.

  1. Keep the Search Engine Available:

responsive design

This could be very useful for converting, as lot of people think search engine optimization is all about Google. That is true, but today SEO is all about visitors. Which is perfect for making more sales too, therefore, keeping your search engine happy, your users will definitely visit to your website.

  1. Responsive Design Website:


responsive designTo in practical, we are not able to carry our system, laptops etc all the time. So, develop a website which is responsive design to any devices such as tablet, smartphone, ipad etc. This will help your website to be in use all the time. People nowadays are more dependent on Mobile, Tabs etc. Therefore, designing such a responsive design website would surely increase large number of visitors to your website and which would be convertible.

Hence, above mentioned points are in general though every effective for converting leads through website.













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