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Methods to turn WordPress Category Pages into a Landing Page?

A few years back Olaf and other Website Developer gave us the method of converting WordPress Category pages into Landing pages, but it requires more time editing a large number files and it was very complicated. We are fortunate to WordPress and few pair of plugins which makes it easier ever to turn those so-often neglected converting methods of category pages in Good SEO.

The Overall Idea of Website Developer was the Landing Pages to attract user and the draw them further into your site. WordPress category pages are designed and are perfectly implemented for that. With negligible efforts, those category pages will focus tightly on content pages and will direct the folks directly to your site and if you are using tags then why not turn that landing pages as well, applying the same techniques?

The biggest headache for most of the Website Developer, Website Development Company and Visitors is the duplicate content. If you fix this thing accurately and your blogs are unique and very fresh, updated then this won’t be an issue. If your homepage offering more than just a blog style list in the latest post and you will file only file posts in a single category, then the issue of content duplicate becomes moot. Dropping the archives by date because no one is interested in looking for better stuff that way anyway, by this issue of the duplicate is gone completely.

The need of WordPress Plugins:

SEO Yoast – A Must for WordPress Site

Rich Text Tags- Using this plugin will add WYSIWYG editing to the category as well as helping in preventing WordPress from stripping and other than any HTML tags


Following methods should be followed:

1.Setting Up Page Category & Configuration of WordPress :


website developer

  • Set up your site so that descriptions will display only the first page of each category.
  • After this hide them on further pages like 2,3,4 … with usage of Yoast plugin
  • Set your blog where the INDEX & FOLLOW are categories on each first page
  • Edit your theme so that category name is H1 tagged content


  1. Use Different Post Excerpts:

    website developer

Set up your blog page to different post excerpts- most of the modern themes are already doing this. Display excerpts rather than entire posts, which vanished most of the duplicate content issue. Make it sure to include featured image thumbnails for the betterment of click through and highlight each post. Most Website Developer keep this point in mind while posting blogs.


  1. Name Category & Link Text:

    Website Developer Examine the name and link text used for your WordPress Category Pages. If a category has said like 100 posts, there will possibly be 100 internal links to your category page using the link text- including ‘breadcrumbs & filed under’ links which often appears on top or bottom of every individual post. Website Developer and even Website Development Company using those links wisely; choose broad term based on the posts which generally include in the mentioned category. The category should be the one which targets particular keyword on post or page of your site and the only page using that keyword phrase as the title.

  1. Add Description of Category Page:

Website Developer

Write a description about your Category Page which links text that you will use throughout your site for that particular category. Going ahead saying, “here are all of the posts on Topic A”, hence changing your WordPress Category into the Landing page, give a reason for all the user as well as Google to land on your page. Website Developer is keen towards each and every individual step before applying Online.

The description should be about your site/blog which directly sells the desired product related to your site. Mention at least two paragraph in general for all the user to be known to your page.


  1. Update Your Existing Post:

Each and Every Website Developer should make sure you to update your old post. Re-visit your posts and check them, make some editing if needed and update. Update the excerpts and turning it into an invitation for reader’s to click through and visit each post. Also, keep Intact, Excerpts will be appearing on your WordPress category pages. Make sure to edit some of them to include the particular category name/keyword. Remembering, excerpts will be in large part of your content on your category pages/new landing pages, you can use them for your advantages.

Keeping these key points into the mind by Website Developer, you can convert WordPress Category Pages into Landing Pages.









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