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PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising)

This field of PPC Advertising is something, which is fast reaching and effective in terms of persuasive advertising and valuable results. It is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages, that show results from search engine queries.
PPC Advertising is form of online marketing targeted at bringing more traffic and users to your website or blog through advertisements and making sure that you show up more when it comes to SERP’s or search engine result pages.
Online marketing is the breeze of this season and a digital marketing company like Scriptechweb all you have to do is sit back and relax because we know what has to be done and more importantly how it’s to be done. So just, choose us and chill bro.

‘Cody’ Answers: Why PPC Advertising?



PPC Advertising promotions provide you with a system and backdrop that helps you measure the progress. You pay only when the results show a satisfactory outcome and hence is a feasible way of promoting your product.


Instant Visibility

it takes your content to a large group of audience and provides with an instant visibility. It brings traffic through clicks and directs the users to your website. We provide you with instant visibility and extra traffic.



PPC Advertising is a more targeted form of advertising platform or way. It is done keeping in mind a particular target audience and hence brings the best lot to your website. It helps you widen your reach and be more specific in terms of projections.

‘Cody’ Platforms of PPC Advertising:

Search Engine Advertisement

it is targeted at search results and focuses on keyword and seo content. It helps your content reach to similar search audience and hence gets the right people to your doors.


Display Advertisement

Google display PPC Advertising network is one of the best ways to reach out to masses. We provide a platform that uses the same and makes your work/product be displayed on the right platform at the right time.


We help in completely revamping your marketing strategy, bringing a fresh wave of innovation to the strategy plan. We help you create a fresh platform to present your products on.


The ‘Cody’ Process of PPC Advertising

From keyword planning to branding a campaign, we provide a complete package to enhance the quality of traffic and make a visible change in your numbers. The following is a brie description of our way of working:


Account Setup


Tracking Performance


Campaign Setup






ROI Management

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