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What is the Significance of Logo Design for Online Branding? Do you own Brand Identity?

LOGO and the Brand Identity is just a small word for normal people but the people who belong to market it’s the more than their business. Defining LOGO for any brand etc. sounds difficult. Mainly LOGO is the Brand Identity and Brand Image which is representative of any Business, Product, Organisation, Industry etc. It all started with Logo and makes a huge impact on user about that brand image. So, LOGO plays the vital role for Online Branding, which makes the visibility of Brand Identity into the world. Whereas in the world of Graphics LOGO is called as Heart of any Business, Organisation, Global Brands etc. LOGO makes such impact that it doesn’t require business name further as people knows the Brand Identity by LOGO belongs to such organization and Global Brands. Normally, most marks have typographic parts which are clearly been seen rather than the name of the organization.


If you want to create Brand Image then design a LOGO which can totally be typographic, which generally means that the letters of your business name will itself be created as Logo and makes your Brand Identity Visible. If must have noticed many such famous examples just like Coca- Cola red script type and its enough for brand identity. Even people refer to logo mark as the word portion of the logo which also have a symbol. Sometimes there is a difference between the symbol and a typographic word mark. However, in some logo design, there is not a clear separation between typographic an d symbol. Brand Image for any Global Brands needs a unique identity, which is created by great creativity.

brand identity

  • What is Brand Identity?

If you are done with Logo Designing and now it’s time for you apply and using your logo into various places and create a Brand Identity. Firstly, you will place it on top of your website, may in the center of the small piece of the paper

for Letter Head or may be used as a rubber stamp of the logo. So, do you know think it’s enough? Only this was your branding? NO, you really have not developed a full brand identity of your firm.

A Brand Identity is on a large scale, though its larger and distinct visual situated with a company. When a brand identity starts a real work, it should start recognized by the people even if they don’t see the logo of your company etc.

People Hearing Consistently that using of Logo at the various place and on special places are very mandatory but as far as the online branding, you have to be using more elements than logo consistently. That will create your brand and brand identity and online branding for which you will receive feedback on your real work, and the time when Logo is not required to stand amongst all.

Here comes the most tricky thing which is faced by many organization, as your logo is well established into a market and your logo is unfailingly unchangeable so, keeping this point in mind your brand identity must have both the element that is flexibility & consistency. Creating a Brand Identity is distinct and it varies by the market and based on the current form, though it’s a tough task a challenge which dividends that bring value to your Brand Image. Elements that can be part of brand identity could be font size, font type, color, images and even the sound of writing.

Keeping this points in mind and use them in an appropriate manner for the online branding of your business. However, Logo Design vital factor for brand image into the world


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