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What are you looking for- Branding or Rebranding?

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Branding is a procedure of marketing in which a new name, logo, design, and symbol is given to a new product or service so that it could be differentiated from the other products and services that already exist in the market. Whereas, rebranding is a procedure of marketing in which a new name, logo, design, and symbol is given to the existing brand so as to give the consumers a very new perspective towards it. Further, in rebranding not only consumers are the ultimate target but the stakeholder, investors, and competitors are also one of the targets. The challenge for the person who has been given the task of branding and rebranding remains somewhat similar but, the aspects to consider in rebranding are more as compared to the brand design company. It is very important for the entrepreneurs to understand the difference between branding by a brand design company or rebranding and realize what they are actually looking for!

Branding- A brand design Company new outset!

In this world, full of cut throat competition, who doesn’t want to make increasingly high profits as soon as they initiate their business or launch a new service or product in the existing one? Everybody! An interesting fact that is highly connected and related to increasing profits is branding. It is very important that the products and services you are willing to offer with your new startup are being acknowledged by the consumers and have a positive impact on them. So, branding serves as a tool for people who are willing to get their product and services acknowledged by the people. The planning and setting up of the entire online branding process in not everyone’s cup of tea and so, for the perfect planning and execution one can take the help of professionals in the field. This tool, if planned and executed wisely, would help you to start your own league or your own competition. Further, just by your logo, design or color, the consumers will be able to recognize your products and services, which in itself would be a great achievement!

Increase Your Visibility!

You can increase your business visibility by following Digital marketing process:

  1. Visibility
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Engagement
  4. Conversion
  5. Measurement
  6. Retention
1. Visibility:
  • The first and most important phase of Internet marketing is planning visibility for a business, product or service. Visibility is reaching out to your potential customers and letting them know who you are. Visibility is being present in front of your customers. Visibility is let people know that you exist. For this you need a Digital marketing company which will help you to plan a Digital strategy.

2. Brand awareness:

3.  Engagement:

  • Research & studies prove that out of all the visitors visiting our website, 95% are not interested in buying our products and services.
  • Only 5% of the visitors are either looking to buy or they are weighing their options.
  • So on our website, if the only thing that we are doing is trying to sell then at max we can convert 5% of our visitors… What about 95%.. how do we convert them…?

4.  Conversions:

  • Micro conversions
  • Macro conversions

5. Measurement:

  • Tracking, measuring the performance of your online marketing activities. You can do by google analytics. 
  • Understanding behaviour of traffic
  • Performance of your web pages

6. Retention:

  • Retaining visitors
  • Retaining customers
Rebranding- Revamp what you have already got!

As per the normal human tendency, people get bored with anything that is monotonous, including a product and services. A favorite song also tends to get irritating when heard again and again, on repeat. And so, experimenting with something new or modifying the existing would keep the interest of consumers alive in all your products and services. Another important aspect to consider about rebranding is that this procedure is not only for the beginner’s business, it is also a great step towards keeping the interest of customers, in the existing, well established product and service, alive. Revamping your tagline or doing those minor or major changes in your logo and giving it an entirely new and interesting meaning would attract the common people. Also, it is important that the logo, tagline, name and every other feature of your company is eligible for every new product or service that you are about to launch. And, in case if you think it isn’t you need to go for rebranding!

So, now it totally depends on your will and requirement as of what would be better for you i.e. online branding to start off your own league of competition with your new start up or rebranding to bring that new light and life to your products and services and changing the way consumers perceive them!

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